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What are Extractions?

Here at Thomas Crossroads Dental Center, we pride ourselves on providing thorough oral maintenance and services to keep all our patients healthy and well. That is why we will do everything possible to treat and fix your teeth before we take extraction into consideration. However, extractions are sometimes required whether it be due to a damaged tooth or in cases where there are too many teeth, consequently leading to further complications for the rest of your oral care.

Reasons for Extractions:
There are a number of reasons why extractions take place. While we will do everything possible to avoid a dental extraction, there are a few necessary reasons that would cause us to move forward with this type of procedure, including:

  • Health concerns

  • Tooth health

  • Gum health

  • Aesthetics

  • Oral crowding


If an oral health concern begins to impact your physical health, or perhaps causes you pain, we would look to remove the tooth as soon as possible. Other reasons for removing the tooth are due to tooth decay or dental trauma that has caused problems within your teeth or gum area.

Aesthetically, sometimes teeth need to be removed due to lack of space. For example, wisdom teeth that sometimes erupt will need removal to avoid pushing any existing teeth out of alignment.

While tooth extractions might not necessarily be needed from a health concern, it may be a worthwhile option for those who want to improve the look and potentially proper growth of their teeth.

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